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You will see a post below this that was posted last year. It was from one of the last weddings that I photographed. Having finally decided to give up wedding photography after some sixteen years I have sold my gear and purchased a different type of camera to the ones I used for my wedding work. It has a much larger sensor and contrary to what I have stated in my original post it doesn't require me to overshoot in the same way at all. Being a bit of an old boy now, I am enjoying getting back to what photography was all about when I started learning some 48 years ago. Back then it was obviously film and I used to develop and print all of my own monochrome prints in a darkroom. I embraced digital photography in the early 90''s and taught myself Photoshop and subsequently Lightroom. I enjoyed all the things that could be achieved with the computer without the need for the traditional darkroom and all that involved.

Stall holder in Ajaccio, Corsica. Taken with the Fujifilm GFX 50R + 32-64mm lens

But now I feel I have come full circle and I am enjoying a new freedom using a bigger slower, modern digital camera without the pressures of running a small business in a very overcrowded market place. The quality of the images it can produce is astounding. They have so much more depth to them and make the images below seem so much flatter by comparison. I will be sharing more on this blog in due course but in the meantime I have started another site if you would like to take a look. It includes a few posts by other photographers as well including one featuring the wonderful portrait work of David A Williams


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wedding Photography Style

My wedding photography style has evolved over the years. The more weddings you shoot the more you adapt what you do during the course of a wedding day. As technology and new cameras arrive we can tweak how we work to take advantage of new innovations. Increased ISO capabilities,faster focusing and tracking, higher drive speeds are just a few of the improvements we see in cameras every year.

Working alongside other photographers and seeing how they work and their particular wedding photography style can also influence our own style and practices. I have often balked at the higher and higher frame rates on cameras these days. One camera in particular can shoot at 20 frames per second. That is nearly as high as the standard film video frame rate of 24 frames per second. This capability has influenced the wedding photography style of quite a number of newer wedding photographers in recent times. Personally I have always thought this was way over the necessary requirements for wedding photography. I heard stories of wedding photographers shooting in excess of 7000 images for each wedding they covered. This horrified me, particularly when I thought of all the culling that would be needed in post production. Two things recently have led me to change my thinking on this.

Firstly I recently purchased the latest Fujifilm X camera which is capable of high burst rates even when writing Raw files and Jpegs to two cards at once. The second was two recent wedding where I have been second shooting with a fellow wedding photographer Lee Dann who uses this method. After the first wedding he asked me to adopt this wedding photography style whereby instead of waiting for the right moment to fire the shutter, see a ‘moment’ about to happen and then shoot through it using the burst mode on the camera.

It made me realise that this was indeed a useful technique to deploy as during post production you simply choose the peak of the action and discard the remainder. Admittedly this did seem wasteful before I tried it, but the memory cards are so powerful now in terms of storage and speed. Using the right software you can even decide which images to import to your editing computer therefore eliminating the need for additional storage space. Never too old to learn something new!

Here are a few images (in no particular order) from both weddings shot in Oxfordshire during the fantastic hot weather we have had this month.

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