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Catching the moment

Modern Wedding photography often requires patience on the part of the photographer. It is often a waiting game. Waiting for something to happen. Often you can anticipate it. You get a feeling that a “moment” will occur and you do need to be ready for it. No good fumbling with the camera settings at the crucial moment. You have to have everything set an then wait. During the ceremony and of course during the speeches are both prime times to be studying people and waiting, patiently waiting.

Here are a few examples with a little background information behind each image. In the first shot I knew the bride was quite excited before the ceremony. A lovely girl and the couple were both very photogenic. However, I was not expecting this reaction to something that the celebrant said. I was ready to capture it though.

Brides reaction during wedding ceremony

Speeches are the perfect opportunity to capture reactions to the people making the speech. I always moved around during this section of the wedding. It is important to get the right angle. The father of the bride is actually pointing in my direction for reasons I can’t remember. Maybe he was making a joke at my expense I don’t know.

Is he pointing at me?

In the next image, the person reacting is the best man. I have moved around and shot through the groom who is holding his speech notes.

Best Man's reaction to the Groom's speech

Caught this guest roaring with laughter over something the lady had just told him.

I wonder what she said ...

The following shot was taken in Claridges Hotel in London. This group were enjoying some banter with one of the waiters. I got in close with a wide angle lens holding the camera above my head and shooting downwards.

Wedding guests enjoying a joke with the waiter

Back to a ceremony. This one held outdoors. The moment when the couple is announced as “man and wife,” and the bride's reaction.

Bride's reaction during the wedding ceremony

The last image is a favourite of mine. Taken in a very dark church in London, St. Etheldreda‘s.The little boy was singing his heart out and made a wonderful capture.

Singing his heart out