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Copy of Transformers The Last Knight comes to Knebworth

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Transformers The Last Knight is the fifth film in the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay is the producer / director for this ongoing series. So I had a big surprise when I turned up at Knebworth House on Friday. I had been booked to photograph a corporate function in the Cobbold and Lytton Barns there. I guessed something was happening by the fact that I got stopped on the way in. Security people with walkie talkies were much in evidence. As I continued past the historic house I could see a massive crane lowering a lighting rig into the grounds. Then as I proceeded to the parking area I was confronted by rows of production trucks and assorted filming paraphernalia, Wind machines, lights, vehicles hidden behind black drapes.

I have never seen a Transformer film so I have no idea what they are about at all. I do remember the toys back in the day. However it seems that  Transformers The Last Knight is due for release in 2017 and is rumoured to have an Arthurian tie in. Legendary british actor Anthony Hopkins has a part in the film apparantly. It seems that the huge crew were there to film some sort of night scene at Knebworth House as there were a few “explosions” during the course of the evening. By the time I left around 9:30pm de-rigging was well underway and I was told that they were just here for the one day. What an incredible operation. I have seen a few film sets before but nothing on this scale in terms of equipment for one days filming!

So one way and another it turned into quite a surreal evening. The corporate event that I photographed had a look a like Queen on hand to present various awards. The theme for the evening was “The Queens Birthday” and Union Jacks were much in evidence. The organisors  kept “The Queen” a secret and she made a grand entrance. After presenting the awards she mingled with the guests. It was surprising how everyone treated her with such reverence and she played the part well.

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