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United Arab Emirates

The Emirates Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Looking back over the years we have had some wonderful travel adventures. One that sticks in our minds was our trip around the Gulf in 2010. The Emirates are a fascinating group of countries for first time visitors, which we were nine years ago. The opening image here was taken in the Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi where we enjoyed afternoon tea. The decor as you walk through the hotel can only be described as luxurious.

Luxurious surroundings Emirates Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The climate here is subtropical with very hot weather in the summer months. Despite this in cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi the amount of lush greenery is amazing to see.

Gardeners at work in the UAE

For this trip I was using the Canon G11 camera, a neat little compact camera with a zoom and DSLR type controls. A small CCD sensor but good quality lens. My favourite feature was the articulating screen which is hard to find on compacts these days. The flip up “selfie“ screen dominates now. It was a handy little travel camera at the time. I love the colourful jpegs it produced on this trip.

Time for a smoke

The mosque at Muscat in Oman was a site to take in both from the outside and within. Apparently the mosque used to have the worlds largest carpet and chandelier. Those claims have been overtaken by other mosques now. The chandelier at the top of the picture below weighs eight and one half ton and contains six hundred thousand swarovski crystals!

Grand Mosque in Muscat Oman

Inside the Grand Mosque in Muscat Oman

In Dubai we visited the Palm Hotel which was still a fairly new creation at that time opening in 2008.

The aquarium inside can be viewed through massive windows as you stroll through the hotel and It certainly drew a crowd on the day we visited.

Aquarium inside The Palm Hotel Dubai

Another new feature in Dubai at the time was the Burj Khalifa which is still the tallest building in the world although there are a couple of other challengers to the title still being built in 2019. We wanted to travel to the top of the building but unfortunately the lifts weren't working that day. However Noreen and I had a return visit last year and we did get to the top. The view from 2,217 feet is incredible.

The Burj Khalifa Dubai

View from the top of The Burj Khalifa Dubai

Our last unforgettable experience was a hair raising dune ride in a convoy of 4 by 4 vehicles. It made a great ending to wonderful trip as the sun set over the desert sand dunes.

Dune ride in the Desert

Sunset in the Desert