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Wedding Mishaps and Juxtapositions

Bride pushing her Groom in a Wheelchair

I enjoyed my time as a wedding photographer. It was a great opportunity to hone my photographic skills. But you also get to meet some wonderful clients and all sorts of characters at a wide variety of venues. The people, the technology used to take pictures and the wedding industry itself have changed considerably since I joined it. Now I have left, I can look back over that period and post some of my favourite images from my fifteen year stint. In this first photograph the groom broke his leg a few weeks before the big day and had to be wheeled around for most of the day.I asked the bride to push hime for a bit so I could take this photograph. So it is a set up shot ( shock, horror ), something that true documentary photographers would never ever do ( or so they claim ). My favourite photographer is Elliot Erwitt who produced some fantastic and very humorous images. However although they often look completely un-staged Elliot often spent time encouraging dogs to react to him for example. If you are not familiar Elliot here is a link to his work and here are some of his quotes.

An incongruous juxtaposition

Here is an image that wasn't set up but I feel also describes a sense of humour within it. The humour comes from the incongruous juxtaposition of the motorcyclist with the bride and groom. I had taken the couple over to a neighbouring field for a few informal portraits. As we walked back to the venue I spotted the motorcyclist approaching and timed the shot as he drew parallel to the couple. The bride told me that the groom loved the image and has it hanging on his wall at home.