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  • Steve Gemmell

Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches can sometimes be a challenge for the photographer. The first image shows the best man reacting to the groom’s speech. Rather than setting up dead opposite to the main table, I always preferred to move around. Look for the angles and the best positions to get reactions. The challenges can be many. Keeping out of the line of view of the guests. Trying not to get in the videographer’s way. Avoiding bumping into tables in crowded venues as you move around. Of course the same problems arise during any of the speeches. In the image below the best man is making the speech and the reaction is from the groom.

It is rare to be able to position oneself behind the speaker so I took full advantage here. Another hazard I didn’t mention before are the gentlemen in bright red coats! The toastmasters. You can see one here on the right. If you are shooting in colour the bright red can be a distraction. Apart from that they are usually hanging around immediately behind the speakers which doesn’t make for good compositions Even if shooting monochrome.

It always pays to look out for unexpected reactions as in this shot of the father of the bride. He is listening to the grooms’s speech and appears to be shocked by what he is hearing.