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Exploring Creativity: My First Journey with AI Photoshop Beta,

Creating A Surreal Composition

Discovering Generative AI in Photoshop Beta:

With generative artificial intelligence now available in AI Photoshop Beta I began experimenting with various images, keen to witness the transformative power of AI in action via the Photoshop Beta. Through AI-powered algorithms, Photoshop analyzed my input and after several attempts generated some stunning visual effects that were both unexpected and surprisingly good. Bearing in mind that this facility is still in Beta, it is destined to get better before it is fully implemented into the live program. The images I inserted from the AI prompts are still quite low resolution at the present time but I am sure that will improve in time as well.

This is the starting image for my experiment with the AI Photoshop Beta,. It is a country lane not too far from where I live. The first thing I wanted to change was to add a river to take the place of the winding road. So after selecting the area I wanted to replace I typed in my request for a river.

AI Photoshop Beta, image before transformation

It looks a bit more like a large puddle rather than a river, however I was impressed by the result. The most impressive thing about the changed image was the reflections which I thought was pretty amazing. Next I asked for a boat moored by the riverside. Some results didn't work at all but this one looked good with a realistic reflection in the water.

AI Photoshop Beta, image after transformation

Embracing Collaboration:

While AI AI Photoshop Beta has played a significant role in my creative process during this first attempt, it was important to remember that it was merely a tool, an ally that elevated my artistic vision.

Conclusion:AI Photoshop Beta,

My first foray into using Photoshop's generative AI was an exhilarating journey into uncharted artistic territories. Witnessing the transformative power of AI perform it's work before my eyes opened up a world of creative possibilities. Surreal compositions are not something that I would normally attempt but generative AI has allowed me to push the boundaries of my artistic ideas. This synergy between human creativity and AI's algorithmic skillset resulted in some captivating and unexpected outcomes. As we continue to explore the potentials of AI in the realm of digital art, one thing is certain: our creative horizons have expanded, and the future of artistic expression looks more expansive than ever before.


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