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Day Trip to Brighton

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We always enjoy a day trip to Brighton. It is a lively seaside resort located on the south coast of England and we like to spend a day there when we can. Brighton is known for its pebble beaches, lively atmosphere, and cultural attractions such as the impressive Royal Pavilion. It is often considered one of the most liberal and diverse cities in the UK. On these trips I always take a camera with me and this day trip was no exception.

Royal Pavilion Brighton

Do you ever wish you still owned a certain camera that you have sold? I have owned many different cameras over the years. I still have a few film cameras from way back when. But once we reached the digital age it seemed as if new models arrived on the market every few months.

Before smart phones got as good as they are now, I used to love having a small pocketable camera to carry around with me. There was none better than the Ricoh GR range and I owned the GR11 model for a few years. I took it with me on this day trip to Brighton. I have also posted on the joy of using smaller cameras here

Cockles and mussels image of display board on Brighton pier

Two years ago I traded the camera in with a couple of other models that I was no longer using. But it was a great little fixed lens camera that was capable of producing high quality images.

As well as shooting raw it had the facility to capture jpeg images in a range of stylistic effects. One of which was called HDR Tone or something similar. I played around with this effect and discovered that I could simultaneously take a photo in raw together with a jpeg image of the same scene with the HDR Tone applied to it.

The HDR Tone image on it's own was always too strong. However by carefully blending it with the straight raw image I could get the effect you can see in the images here. They were taken on this day trip to Brighton back in 2016. It's very much a question of personal taste but I love this effect and wish I could recreate it as easily as I could with that little camera.

cafe brighton

Brighton scene

Brighton Pier

Selfie time in front of onlookers

Fish and chips on Brighton Pier

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