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Fujifilm GFX Landscape Return Visit

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I mentioned in a previous post that I would try to revisit Landscape scenes with my Fujifilm GFX 50R camera. My very first attempt at landscape photography here was a return to a venue where in a previous life I have photographed many weddings, Brocket Hall, a short drive from my home. Here are a few images from a wedding that was held in the gardens a few years back.. The image of the bride with her father shows some of the interior of the house. In the Landscape images below them you can see this house across the lake in the foreground.

Turning to the Landscape images. I travelled to Brocket Hall yesterday evening. Unlike the visit back in June I was armed with a lightweight tripod. This was certainly needed as the sky was very overcast with no hope of the sun breaking through as it set. I ended up with a two second exposure in contrast to the image taken back in June. In fact back then I actually took that photo handheld at 350th second. As can be seen the water was still on yesterday’s visit by comparison with the June visit. This weather condition is better for achieving some reflection in the waters there was no breeze. It’s interesting to make comparisons between the two images as we now approach autumn season. Although both images were taken at similar times of the day, the evenings are much shorter now in England with sunset and subsequent darkness falling soon after 8pm. Back in June the sun was setting at 9:20pm. I hope to return again in the winter months to see how different the scene looks during that season. Several people have commented on how purple the latest image looks. I have therefore also included a black and white conversion from another shot taken slightly earlier in the evening which I think works better.

Brocket Hall Hertfordshire
2 seconds at F11 ISO 800 7:20pm 24th September

Brocket Hall
1/2 sec @ F11 ISO 800 7:15pm 24th September

Brocket Hall
350th sec @ F9 ISO 400 8:30pm 8th June

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