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GFX Landscape Photography

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

As my first attempt at GFX Landscape Photography I visited an old haunt where I had photographed many weddings over the years. However I slowed down and took some time over this particular image. Brocket Hall is very local to me so it seemed a good choice to get familiar with my Fujifilm GFX 50R and 32-64mm lens. I hate carrying loads of kit so I didn't take a tripod with me. I guess for really serious landscape photography I should be using one. At the time I only had an old Manfrotto aluminium tripod which is fairly hefty. I have since purchased a smaller, lighter carbon fibre version which I plan to use on all future trips. This was an evening shot and the sun was going down on the left of the image. Another valuable piece of equipment that I didn't have at the time was a polarising filter which I have also now added to my arsenal. During my time as a wedding photographer I would often take images of the venue where the wedding was being held. If the conditions were right this would add to the story of the day and could be used in an album for example. Wedding photographers are often a much maligned group sometimes unfairly derided by other professionals within the industry. However in my experience the really good ones are proficient in many different genres of the art, e.g. portrait, landscape, macro, off camera flash and several other disciplines.

As a general rule my experience of serious landscape photography is very limited and I know I have lots to learn. The GFX has a larger sensor with a far wider dynamic range than my previous cameras so I am looking forward to learning and experiencing more of what the camera can give me.


Any advice, comments and help from fellow users would be greatly appreciated, so please do not hesitate to comment and / or share your own experiences.

Landscape image taken with Fujifilm GFX at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire
GFX 50R with 32-64mm 1/350th at F9 ISO400

The GFX 50R with the 32-64mm is not that heavy to use. I have moved across from using the X system APS-C cameras so obviously there is a considerable difference in size. However I always used to carry two cameras with lenses on my person plus a back pack with another body and four more lenses plus flash gun etc.. Now it is the same back pack with one camera and lens plus small tripod.

In a few weeks I am off to the Mediterranean for a two week break. Carrying the camera and lens with me all day should not be a problem and I intend to use the camera as I would have used my XT1 to take a variety of different images, rather than confining myself to more static shots.

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Jack B. Siegel
Jul 18, 2019

I am not a hardcore landscape photographer, but this looks pretty darn good.

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