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More GFX Landscapes

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

This week I decided I would take advantage of the good weather before it disappears. Good photographic practice dictates that midday is not a good time to take pictures. Landscape images often benefit from the early morning light or the golden hour during a sunset. However I believe that good photographs can be taken at any time of the day or night. I had read about this windmill at Pitstone in Buckinghamshire here in England. It dates back to the 17th century and is claimed to be the oldest windmill in Britain. I liked the fact that the site is nicely isolated from any surrounding distractions. This obviously helps from a photographic point of view. I will definitely return to the site again possibly during the aforementioned early morning or late evening.

Midday photograph of Pitstone Windmill
1000 sec @ F4.0 ISO 100 64mm Pitstone Windmill

1100 sec at F4 ISO 100 Pitstone Windmill - Britains oldest post mill

Close up of tree bark with Pitstone Windmill in distance
1100 sec F4 ISO 100

Returning to previously photographed sites at different times of year is a useful tactic for comparing any changes to the landscape. I took the photograph immediately below on the 13th August. The photo below that one was taken on 23rd May. The differences from after the land has been cleared of crops etc. are quite striking. Back in late spring the fields were full of colour in stark contrast the late summer months when the tractors have ploughed the ground ready for the next season. It will be interesting to record the same scene during the autumn and winter in the months to come.

A lone tree in the landscape Hertfordshire England August
240th @ F11 ISO 100 Lone tree landscape Hertfordshire

A lone tree in the landscape Hertfordshire England
1/30th @F13 ISO 125 Lone tree

And finally to finish I thought I would add a couple of seascapes to this post. Both were taken on a recent vacation to the mediterranean.

Dramatic seascape on way to the Bay of Biscay
2400 sec @ F14 ISO 100 dramatic seascape

Sunrise at sea
4000sec @ F11 ISO 3200

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