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My GFX Journey by Michael Ardron

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I Bought my GFX50r earlier this year after a long search for a mirrorless camera that I felt would finally suit what I wanted. Other camera brands were pushing me towards just repeating what I had already tried, but maybe more feature rich and with a different overall performance.

Downtown Budapest

My first mirrorless camera was a humble Panasonic G7. A pretty decent offering to be honest with a very good jpeg output and some great features. I still have what I think are some appealing first images from a trip to Croatia. The light was good and plenty of summer colours on show.

I moved from the Panasonic to an Olympus for the IBIS and weather sealing, and then bought a Leica Q for good measure. The appeal of the Leica was the sheer quality of the files, but although a fantastic lens attached it is always had that 28mm fixed focal length.


I imagine you can see a pattern emerging here !

Battersea park

I don’t want to ramble on too much about my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) issues but having tried these and others I stumbled on a good deal for the GFX50r.

Wow !!

The quality of the pictures from this camera are just awesome. You have the ISO capability the Leica 240 cannot provide, and a great EVF. I am sure in good hands the Leica is still one of the best however.

Then there is the flexibility when editing that none of my other cameras offered. The ability to pull back highlights and raise shadows is ridiculous !

The ruggedness is there and the weather sealing. Interchangeable lenses are now an option, although a little bulky to carry.

Catania Sicily

My style of photography is I think often dictated by the camera I have with me, or I take a camera for specific reasons. This is where the GFX excels. My only limitation for what I like to shoot on occasion is fast action or sports. For that I simply use an XT3.

I have included pictures in this blog which I think reflect the flexibility of this system. They are taken with the 45mm f2.8 and the 100-200 f5.6. For good measure I also include some taken with the Mitakon 65mm f1.4 which is my nifty fifty, but maybe not so nifty being manual focus ! I have purposely left out which lens took which picture ! Maybe you could guess ?

The beach at Aldeburgh

This is my humble comment on my short journey. I just love the Fuji system and with this offering I think I might just have found a perch on which I can finally rest......

Peace at last !

And just to prove it can be used for sport ! Well I can't be too serious .....

Owzat !

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