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Outstanding GFX Portraits By David A Williams

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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By DAVID A WILLIAMS August 1st 2019


Some outstanding GFX Portraits here by David. He is a master of his craft and a great educator to boot. I first became aware of David A Williams some eleven years ago. It was at a SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) conference here in the UK. David was giving a lecture on wedding album presentation. The following year I joined one of his “Almost Alone” workshops which I would highly recommend.

David has over 20 years experience with large format cameras and he particularly favours the square format having traditionally worked with the 6x6cm image size with film cameras. He now uses his GFX 50S set to the same 1:1 ratio to achieve the square format in a digital format. He explains his approach and philosophy behind his portrait work with the GFX on this Fujifilm website here. To read more about David and to experience more of his work and learn about his workshops follow this link.

GFX Portrait by David A Williams
GFX 110mm f2 – 125th @ F11 ISO 200

Portrait by David A Williams
XPro-2 50mm f2 – 250th @ F8 ISO 200 - Acros

GFX Portrait by David A Williams
GFX 120mm f4 – 125th @ F11 at ISO 200 - Acros

GFX Portrait by David A Williams
GFX 110mm F2 – 125th @ f9 at ISO 200 - Acros

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