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Photographing Wedding Speeches

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Wedding speech concentrating on the bride

Photographing wedding speeches can be a great way to capture some of the most memorable moments of a wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you get the best shots:

1. Prepare in advance: Before the speeches start, find out where the speakers will be standing and see if there opportunities for different angles. Is it possible to get behind the the person speaking for a different view. You don't have to photograph the speaker head on. If possible move around and look for who is the most animated in response to whoever is speaking. Why not concentrate on the person who is being spoken about. Usually the bride or groom, but it could be the best man or the parents etc.

best mans reaction to grooms speech

father of the bride reaction to grooms speech

2. Use a fast lens: A fast lens with a wide aperture will allow you to capture the speeches in low light situations, without the need for flash, which can be distracting for everybody.

groom's wedding speech

3. Capture the emotions: Pay attention to the speaker's body language, facial expressions, and reactions from the audience. These are the moments that will tell the story of the speeches and the emotions that were felt during them.

brides reaction to wedding speech

4. Be ready for unexpected moments: Speeches can be unpredictable, so be prepared for any surprises. Keep an eye out for unexpected reactions, reactions from the audience, and other moments that might be worth capturing.

groom's reaction to best man speech

Remember, the speeches are an important part of the wedding day, so take the time to capture them in a way that truly reflects the emotions and feelings of the moment.

bride listens to groom's speech

wedding speech

groom's wedding speech

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