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The GFX 50R isn’t any good as an action camera is it?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Well we know it isn’t built for fast action. However the GFX 50R is the sort of camera you can carry with you when out and about. You certainly can capture action with it, together with all that incredible image quality! It wouldn’t be an obvious choice if you were specifically setting out to take action pictures. But it can be an all round everyday camera if you work within it’s limitations.

Whenever I am travelling I look for all sorts of photographic opportunities for the camera I have with me. Any camera. It may not always be the ideal camera and lens for what I am seeing. But I will usually still try to get the best image I can with what I have to hand.

Boys playing football on Estoril beach, Portugal
Boys on beach 1/2200th @F5.6 64mm ISO 400

Last week I was in Lisbon, Portugal. We decided to take a trip to the beach at Estoril. As you can see we didn’t experience great beach weather there. There was a very low and dense mist coming in off the sea. I was taken by these lads playing football on the sand. They were kicking the ball high and I was looking at the shapes they made when anticipating the drop of the ball. I tried a few shots and this one had the best separation between the players which is what I was aiming for.

Earlier in the week we were in Montpellier, France. The square in the middle of the city is very impressive and quite expansive in size.

Montpellier Square, France early on a Sunday morning
Montpellier Square 1/340th @ F5.6 ISO 50 32.6mm

It was a Sunday. I love the fact that on this day in France most businesses and shops are closed. Here in the UK sadly every day is the same as the next since Sunday trading was introduced way back when. It’s very pleasant to have one day a week without the usual traffic and hustle we all experience daily. Having said that, as we crossed the square I was surprised by the number of bikes and scooters whizzing around us. You would have expected the square to be a pedestrian only area. Pretty sure it would be in the UK. So I decided to see if I could capture an image with the GFX as they passed. This action image of a passing cyclist and young passenger was the image I liked the best.

Sunday morning cyclist and passenger Montpelleier Square, France
Cyclist and passenger 1/640th @ F5.6 ISO 50

So in summary the Fujifilm GFX 50R isn’t the ideal camera for high speed action but it is very capable all round camera. If I had a telephoto lens I am sure the first image may have had more impact. Having such a high quality image file it is of course possible to crop into the image quite dramatically as I have here.

Boys playing on Estoril Beach, Portugal
Crop of earlier photo above

Has anyone else shot some action with this camera?

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