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Unexpected Photo Exhibition!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

An enjoyable visit to the Gonzalez Byass sherry tour in Jerez resulted in a pleasant surprise for us photography enthusiasts.

Gonzalez Byass sherry cellars Jerez Spain
Photographic Exhibition Gonzalez Byass sherry cellars 1/800th @ F5.0 ISO 3200

Amongst all of the sherry casks I was amazed to see several huge LCD displays showing very impressive portraits of what I thought were men. My knowledge of written Spanish is non existent so I asked the tour leader what it was all about. The only thing that I could discern from the leaflets was that the displays were sponsored by Santander. The guide informed me that all of the images were of famous Spanish women dressed as men! Upon my return to the UK I used the internet to translate some more information. This is what I found.

Within the framework of the Generation 81 initiative, Banco Santander has presented a photographic exhibition in order to make visible the need to change gender roles.

Fourteen recognized women in their professional environments, including Mireia Belmonte, Ainhoa ​​Arteta or Lucía Marín, have been characterized as men to invite Spanish society to think about the masculinization tendency of professional success.

I couldn’t comment on the message being put forward but I have to say they were all very impressive images. The photographer is Teresa Peyri

Photographic exhibition in the Gonzalez Byass Sherry Cellars
Photographic Exhibition Gonzalez sherry cellars 1/50th @ F5.0 ISO 3200

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