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Arrival of the Bride

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The arrival of the Bride is always eagerly anticipated

In this image  everyone was inside the venue and two of the bridesmaids had come out to meet the arrival of the bride.

To me this a a documentary wedding image which works well in colour. I see so many photographer’s wedding sites now that are claiming to be documentary or reportage photography and every image is in black & white. Don’t get me wrong some of these photographers are terrific exponents of this particular genre of wedding photography. However reportage doesn’t have to mean every image has to be monotone.

I cover many different styles as a wedding photographer and usually a large percentage of the images I shoot remain in colour simply because that is how I saw them.

Sometimes it is quicker and easier to convert batches of images to black and white particularly when the lighting is low and there are some colour casts to deal with. Conversion is the easy option. I like to work on every image individually, more time consuming, but worth the extra effort.

The cameras are getting better all of the time and clients often prefer to see their photographs in colour even if there are some colour shifts in difficult lighting.

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