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Australia with Fujifilm XT2 and iPhone X

When I look back to 2018 and our trip to Australia it all seems a lifetime away. So much has happened since then culminating in this dreadful pandemic we are all living through now.

For us it was the holiday we had never dreamed would ever become a reality. This part of the world always seemed just too distant and way over our budget, but nonetheless it was somewhere we always dreamed of visiting.

But by a strange twist of fate we had the opportunity to visit with the additional bonus of a couple of stops in India. Somewhere else that had always been on my bucket list. As you can see our mode of transport was a cruise ship!

So for this post, I have included stills from the XT2 and the iPhone10 plus some video from the iPhone as well.

Making films has always been of interest to me. Although I had dabbled with video on larger cameras ever since the groundbreaking Canon 5D Mark 11, the iPhone was just so much easier to use. Plus the quality of video on these phones was getting very impressive indeed. Portability and cheap gimbals added to the attraction.

Time-lapse with the iPhone was much easier to accomplish too. With the phone gimbal on a tripod, you could even program in some movement during the time-lapse duration. Again I had experimented with time-lapse on larger cameras but that involved a fair amount of work in post-production once the individual images had been captured.

This first image was shot with the iPhone10. These phones are very capable now and it is unusual to get a badly exposed image from them. I can see from the metadata for this image the camera has used the HDR mode without me having to even think about it.

Freemantle taken with the iPhone X
Fremantle town hall - Australia

Here is a short film that I made from my iPhone X clips. It includes some time-lapse sequences that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The film was edited using the excellent IOS app LumaFusion which I highly recommend for mobile film work.

We had a couple of days in Sydney and visited the aquarium where I shot this image on the iPhone X.

Aquarium Sydney shot with iPhone X
Sealife Aquarium Sydney

This is how I was feeling when we called in for a healthy breakfast!

Sydney cafe taken with iPhone X
Italian eatery Sydney
Breakfast taken with iPhone X
Healthy Breakfast in Sydney

I think these were hire bikes!

Scene in Sydney
Hire Bikes Sydney

I caught this rare double headed Emu with the XT2 ! The national bird I do believe.

Emus in Tasmania
Double headed Emu!
Kookaburra -Fujifilm XT2

For some reason I thought the Kookaburra was Australia’s National bird. Apparently it is actually the Emu.

Back to the iPhone and this Stonehenge replica in Tasmania.

Stonehenge replica Tasmania
Stonehenge replica Tasmania

Roo’s on the beach Cape le Grand National Park

Kangaroo on beach Australia
Kangaroo on the Beach

Love the Australian sense of humour in this pub at Exmouth!

Australian humour
Soup of the day!
Australian humour
Want a beer?

Some shots at sea with the iPhone


End of the day at sea
Walking at sea
Morning walks plus shadows
Exercise at sea
Early Morning Exercise

Next stop was Singapore and we took a trip to the zoo. Fujifilm XT2 this time.

Some exited school kids waiting to enter the zoo.

Waiting for the Zoo to open Singapore
Children Singapore Zoo

A very pleasant well designed zoo with well cared for animals. All shot with the XT2.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

Last stop Dubai and a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, iPhone X again.

Burj Khalifa
From the top ofBurj Khalifa

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