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Coltsfoot Summer Wedding

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lovely weather for Wendy & Tony’s Coltsfoot Summer Wedding last Saturday. As the recommended wedding photographer for Coltsfoot I find myself here quite often. I have to say it is a marvellous venue for a wedding in the summer. Wendy & Tony were lovely people to work with and it is good to see some more mature wedding couples taking the plunge these days.

Grandson Harry wanted to show of his piano playing  skills during the afternoon. Pianist Matt Carter was very happy to play along with him!

Caricaturist SaraLouise was doing a great job of keeping everyone very entertained with her fabulous sketches.

Best man was Tony’s son Craig and he had Tony in stitches during his speech. I have another Coltsfoot Summer Wedding on Friday and it looks as if the weather is set to live up to that name. Another on Saturday too.


Congratulations to Wendy & Tony. They are planning a fantastic honeymoon in Canada and I along with all their guests wish them a great trip. All of the images from the day will be up on my gallery pages as soon as I have finished editing them.

Coltsfoot Summer Wedding
Coltsfoot Summer Wedding
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