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Different images of the same tree

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It has been a strange year for all of us. A terrible year for a lot of people. A wasted year in many ways.

Personally I have spent most of my days walking. Photographs have been few and far between. Back in the better weather I did manage to get out with the Fujifilm 50R a few times....

But it is difficult to take pictures of people apart from family members. Social distancing and mask wearing are obvious hindrances to decent portraits or even casual photographs of people you may see out and about.

So I have been limited to what I can see on my daily jaunts in the countryside. On my walks I often pass these two trees situated in close proximity to one another. I see them in all weathers and when they catch my eye, usually because of the lighting or maybe the sky, I take a quick snap. They are situated on the brow of a ridge creating a strong silhouette against the sky when approached from below. Sometimes when viewed from this position walkers and joggers are also silhoutted making for an interesting picture.

A large trunk from the trees was laying on the ground when I passed on this particular day. I suspect this was the result of vandals pulling the branch over rather than damage from the elements.

As we approach winter the days are getting much shorter. This image taken as the sun dipped below the horizon was taken this afternoon around 4pm.

A brighter day and a different angle with further clusters in the distance across the fields.

I prefer this image with the swirling tracks from from a farm vehicle creating patterns in the foreground.

How the trees look when not in silhouette....

A dramatic sky in this picture.

Long shadows from passing clouds on a contrasty day ....

Another walker passing through.

Another sunset to finish.

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