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Got the Rings?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

have you got the rings?

The classic question every groom anxiously asks the best man. Have you got the rings?

Have you got the rings? The best man fumbles in his pocket. I’m sure they are here somewhere … The bride is looking on and even the priest is getting a little worried. His hand extended waiting patiently for these most important items of wedding jewellery to present themselves.

As a documentary wedding photographer I am always “tuned in” waiting for situations such as these to present themselves.  This is a classic moment, the stuff of countless comedians stories, or best man speeches. Loose concentration for a minute and the moment has passed and the photographer is berating himself ( or herself ) for having passed up a wonderful photographic moment.

Weddings are for dressing up for the day. None more so than the members of the bridal party, who unless they have practised beforehand are often trying on clothes that they would not normally wear. Wedding photographers are often called upon by the grooms party for advice on how to tie a cravat or what’s the best method for securing a buttonhole. Being a friendly helpful sort I always offer advice wherever I can as I have attended many more weddings than they have. It  demonstrates again the key skill of a documentary wedding photographer – always be ready and anticipate “the moment”.

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer for your wedding day contact Steve here via this form or call on 07843 437046

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