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Humanist Wedding Knebworth

A Humanist Wedding Knebworth is another first for this Hertfordshire and London Wedding Photographer. You can read more about Humanist Weddings on the website. A humanist wedding is a meaningful non-religious ceremony conducted by a celebrant from the humanist organisation. Having photographed many weddings at Knebworth, Saturday’s wedding the first time I had photographed this type of ceremony. A unique feature of this ceremony was the Handfasting section which dates back to ancient Celtic and Pagan times. The bridesmaid and best man ( sister of the bride and brother of the groom ) tied ribbons around Sarah & Jonathan’s   joined hands as a way of confirming their union. Hand fasting is an ancient Celtic marriage ritual and it is where the expression ‘tying the knot’ came from!

Humanist Wedding Knebworth

I arrived early at Knebworth House and took shots of the groom and his groomsmen preparing the last minute detail for the day ahead. We found time to take a few photographs in the grounds as well before I headed off to the Novotel to see how the girls were getting on.

Groom at Knebworth House by Steve Gemmell

Sarah’s bridesmaids were in a buoyant mood as they left the hotel for Knebworth House and we captured some fun shots outside the Hotel. I then headed back in again in time to catch Sarah’s father witnessing Sarah in her wedding dress for the first time.

Bride prep for Humanist Wedding at Knebworth
Father sees bride by Steve Gemmell

Then off to Knebworth House to catch some of the guests arriving, followed by the bride arriving with her mother and father

Guests arriving Knebworth House
Car arriving Knebworth House by Steve Gemmell
Father of the Bride at Knebworth House by Steve Gemmell
Humanist Wedding Knebworth House

As this was a Humanist Wedding Sarah & Jonathan were able to walk down the aisle together rather than the traditional arrangement of the groom waiting for his bride to arrive.

Humanist Wedding Knebworth House
Humanist Wedding Knebworth House
Humanist Wedding Knebworth House
Knebworth House by wedding photographer Steve Gemmell

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