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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It's always very satisfying to see your work in print. Just about one year ago I wrote a post for this blog on Garden Bird Photography Now a year later it has featured in the July issue of Digital Camera Magazine

Published in Digital Camera Magazine
July 2021 edition of Digital Camera Magazine

I also have articles published in this magazine in their September, October and November editions.

Light painting has always fascinated me so this article was all about my first attempt at the technique.

Published in Digital Camera Magazine
September 2021 edition of Digital Camera Magazine

This piece was all about the so called Harris effect.

Published in Digital Camera Magazine
October 2021 edition of Digital Camera Magazine

My last article was about composition while out on my daily dog walks during the COVID lockdowns.

Published in Digital Camera Magazine
November 2021 edition of Digital Camera Magazine

Apparently magazine sales are sadly falling as more publishers turn to digital offerings, or quite often both a print and a digital format. However, last year a National Readership Survey found that more than half of the British adult population read a printed magazine. This despite the common experience of seeing commuters glued to their phone and tablet screens every day. I guess readers of print magazines prefer to read them in a more relaxed way rather than the daily commute. Personally, although I read many articles online, I do still love the printed format and hope that it will continue for many years to come.

Over the years I have seen my work in print in one form or another. Sometimes single images in a book, or other times a magazine article illustrated with images. Here are a few of them from the last forty plus years.

A couple of years ago I photographed Maria and Rob's wedding. They were subsequently featured in a wedding magazine.

Staying on the wedding theme, back in 2010 I had this article published in Professional Photo
January 1977 and my first ever published work in good old Amateur Photographer Magazine!
Amateur Photographer again. This time a write up on a photographic course on the Isle of Wight run by Jorge Lewinski

Back in those days I used to shoot a lot with black & white film which I would develop and print. My camera was a Pentax Spotmatic which I loved. I used to get their Pentax magazine and occasionally entered the competitions. This picture is of my dear old dad enjoying a rest in the deckchair in the garden.

Another magazine competition, this time a colour slide entry taken with my trusty Pentax

We have entered the digital age now with this image published in Digital Photo Magazine Shot on film with a Contax G1 but edited in Photoshop.

Digital Photo again and a challenge set by the magazine to composite a series of images together.
The start of my professional career and I featured in Professional Photographer magazine.

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