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As a recommended wedding photographer in Hertfordshire, London and many venues throughout the South East it is important to me that my clients are always delighted with my work. My recommendation as a wedding photographer from some of the leading London and Hertfordshire wedding venues is great to have, but if your clients love your work you know you are doing something right!

In these days where everyone with a decent camera seems to be putting themselves out there as wedding photographers it must be very hard for clients to know where to start. A simple search in google will show thousands of candidates to trawl through. When it comes to selecting an experienced and well regarded wedding photographer personal recommendations are highly valued.

So I always feel extremely  blessed when clients feedback to me how much they have appreciated my work. Hopefully those very happy clients will recommend me to other couples who may be overwhelmed by the sea of photographers competing for their attention.

Wedding photographers that love their craft are often not the greatest salespeople so they often need others to help sell or recommend on their behalf. Indeed the most successful wedding photographers in purely financial terms are not always the very best or most recommended wedding photographers. They are often great at business and therefore spend a lot of their time “drumming up” business and competing on price alone, rather than perfecting their craft and service. In today’s tough economic climate that is understandable and I do not wish to denigrate anyone who works hard at their business.

Recommended Wedding Photographer

So it is always a joy when I get feedback from clients. I never ask for feedback but I do feel very privileged to receive it and to have a job where my customers appreciate the effort that I put into each and every wedding. A small local affair or a big London wedding, they are all equally important to me. This week I received two lovely thank you cards ….

The first from Lucy and Alex whose local wedding day I photographed at the end of September.

Thank you so much for our wedding photographs. You have taken some amazing pictures and we are loving seeing them on our TV. We can’t wait to see the albums and our parents are really excited to see the photographs in print. Thank you for making it all seem so easy to have our photographs taken, you blended in brilliantly!!

All of the above Steve and more! Thank you for putting so many people at ease and most of all thank you for a timeless set of photographs.


Recommended Wedding Photographer

The second from Kirsty and William who had a beautiful day at Knebworth House at the end of December.

Thank you very much for being our wedding photographer!You took so many great shots of our day and we cannot stop looking at them and sharing with our friends.What we love most is that they tell a story and you managed to capture so many special moments.We both felt very relaxed with you there and you took all of our requested photographs whilst also allowing us to enjoy our day and entertain our guests.Thank you again … Kirsty & William  x
Reommended Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

Thank you Lucy, Alex, Kirsty and William for those very kind words, it is very much appreciated.

Here is a link to more feeback received from happy clients.

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