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Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding earlier this month. Lovely couple Charlotte and Nick. It was a fairly dull day weather wise, but certainly not dull as far as the wedding and reception was concerned!

Charlotte had chosen to wear the same wedding dress that her mother wore when she got married.  I took a photograph of them both with Charlotte holding a photograph from the first wedding. Charlotte prepared for the wedding at Coltsfoot Country Retreat where the reception was held after the wedding at Tewin Church. Meanwhile Nick was at home with all the groomsmen. All of the guests were gathering at the church and the best men were busy decorating Nick’s beautiful Austin Healy on loan from his father Tim.

It is always a wonderful moment when the bride and groom exit the church as you always get the same sense of joy and exuberance ( sometimes sheer relief! ) now that they are actually married. Charlotte expressed her joy by literally jumping for joy! Then everyone gathered around to congratulate the happy couple. Next off to nearby Coltsfoot who specialise in smaller intimate weddings. However on this occasion there were 150 guests and despite the numbers everything went very smoothly. All the guests ( and photographer ) enjoyed a tremendous meal as always at this smashing venue. Just goes to show that the Coltsfoot staff do a terrific job whatever the size of the wedding party.

After Charlotte and Nick’s first dance the evening party really started with a crowded dance floor which is always a good sign of a great wedding.

Congratulation Charlotte and Nick!

Lamberts of Welwyn were responsible for the floral arrangements and the evening band were The Shakers – check out their website if you need a great wedding band.

Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding
Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding
Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding
Tewin and Coltsfoot Wedding
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