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Wedding Thank You from Canada | Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

Monday, April 21, 2014

Received a lovely card all the way from Canada …..“Dear Steve – We wanted to say a huge thank you for the photographs you took on our wedding day. We honestly have so many favourites that we are struggling to decide which ones to put in an album and which ones to have printed! The day was incredible and your photos are such a great memory of so many moments. We have had so many comments on how great the photos are and lots of the guests were impressed with how discreet you were which was perfect and we had fun taking our shots with you – hope you enjoyed the day! Justin’s personal favourite is the moment you captured during the first dance – it’s amazing and sums his silliness up totally!  Thank You

As a wedding photographer Hertfordshire is my main stamping ground but I often cover other areas of the country and although Gemma and Justin are both from Hertfordshire they both live and work in Toronto Canada now. It was very kind of them to send me the card and in answer to their question, yes I did enjoy working for them and photographing their wedding day. Justin & Gemma  and their respective families, and indeed their quests from the UK and from Canada were a joy to work with.  As I stated in my original post for their wedding, it was a wonderful reminder of why I enjoy photographing weddings.

wedding photographer hertfordshire
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